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Категория: Anime Music Video, Drama, Story Разместил: Michiyo  8 мая 2012, 22:45 Просмотрено: 1105

Аниме: Denpa Onna Seishun Otoko
Музыка: Noisia - Tommy's Theme

Автор: Pacotacoshell

Категория: Drama, Story, Instrumental

Награды: AMV France Online Contest - Best Story

Комментарий автора: So this one was a really complicated and experimental video to conjure up. I always had this funny idea of Erio being kidnapped by Niwa in the back of my head while I was watching this anime. So, I sat down, tried to make a storyboard, and see if I had a good concept and enough footage to accomplish this. And I did. I tried to use a lot of effects that I never used before, most of it being experimenting with color curves and the like.

Video Breakdown: The story starts out with an ordinary intro. Scenes of fish and a bike underwater give a sense of foreshadowing for what's to come. I introduce the male antagonist, who has this girl kidnapped and trapped inside his home. During the breakdown of the song, you learn more of how twisted and evil the male is. Then at one point, the female tries to escape. She leaves her wrappings (a symbol of her ties to her kidnapper) at the door and leaves. The male quickly notices she has left and goes on a frantic search for her. He eventually finds her in an alley, and she is now shown back in her wrappings being led to the prison of his home. Her life as a prisoner is back, but she does some thinking. The male also contemplates things, wondering if he should continue what he is doing. But it's too late. The girl has made her decision. They pull up to a dark and empty parking lot, and she attacks him. She ends up killing him and then throws him into the ocean. She is finally free. She returns home and passes out right when she enters her home. Next scene, she's in the hospital rehabilitating, but she has a bad feeling in the back of her mind. Low and behold, the male appears stumbling from out of the ocean, alive.

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